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My Week’s Favorites – November 03, 2019

Happy weekend everyone! Here are a few interesting reads to make your weekend better. How to Prioritize QA Tasks – Brian Hamilton A Tester’s Guide on Hunting for API Related Sources – Yuliya Bagriy Chess and Testing – Jesper Ottosen  Five Tips On How Testers Can Collaborate With Software Developers – T.J. Maher How To Get Buy-In From Management – Lisa Crispin Enjoy reading and happy testing!

Weapons for testers

Like a war, in battles, soldiers need to have a variety of weapons to kill their enemy. I would like to share with you essential recommendations to effectively become a top-notch tester, called WEAPON. Wisdom Use a dictionary or Google Translate tool, the definition of wisdom is “the quality of having experience, knowledge, and good judgment; the quality of being wise”. A wise man is a person who has wide experience and deep understanding. And when making a decision, to have a wise choice, they…

The utmost question: How to become a great tester?

Whether you choose your testing career by chance or by choice, you should always want to excel in your career. If you decide to become a great tester like well-known testers all over the world, you will find the following suggestions from one of the most influential software testing experts in the world, James Bach. If you are a newbie, start by building for yourself a strong foundation in testing with following recommendations quoted from James Bach’ writings and talks. Learn vast of knowledge. “Read the…