Happy weekend everyone! Here are a few interesting reads to make your weekend better.

7 Free Security Tools That All Developers Will Want in Their Toolbox – Zev Brodsky

  • Burp Suite
  • ModSecurity
  • WhiteSource Bolt
  • LGTM
  • Find Security Bugs
  • SkipFish

Five Practices to Enhance Your Everyday Meetings – Justin Mertes

  • Setting the Stage
  • The “Wes Anderson” Principal
  • Design Sprint Principals
    • Hear the whole team
    • Make decisions
    • Keep the team engaged
    • Cut down on endless discussion

19 Chrome Extensions For Web Developers & Designers In 2019 – Nikhil 

An abdication of managerial responsibility? – James Christie 

  • The commoditization of software development and testing
  • ETTO – the efficiency-thoroughness trade-off
  • Drift into failure
  • Conway’s Law

The Simple Rules of Software Testing – László Szegedi 

  • What Does It Take for a Rule to Be Simple?
  • Categories of Simple Rules
  • Coming Up with Simple Rules

Enjoy reading and happy testing!

Thao Vo

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