Happy weekend everyone! Here are a few interesting reads to make your weekend better.

Cypress.io Top Automation Questions (Hot Seat) – Joe Colantonio

  • Cypress.io Vs Selenium
  • Features over Selenium
  • Selenium Advantages
  • Mocking
  • Can You Use BDD with Cypress?
  • Cypress for Visual Validation?
  • Cypress.io API Testing

Five Tips How Software Testers Can Collaborate With Software Developers – T.J. Maher

  • Tip #1: Don’t Let Bad Past Experiences Get In The Way Of The Present
  • Tip #2: Participate in the Initial Planning Sessions
  • Tip #3: Dive Deep With Developers Before Your Testing Starts
  • Tip #4: Enjoy Each Other’s Testing Perspectives
  • Tip #5: Under Times Of Stress: Try To Be Kind

Evangelizing Quality – Brendan Connolly

  • Test Ambiguity
  • Implied Ownership
  • Quality Evangelism

Get Your Defect-Tracking Database Back on Track – Richard Estra

  • How to Identify a Compromised Defect-Tracking Database
  • Why Defect-Tracking Databases Become Compromised
  • How to Resolve a Compromised Defect-Tracking Database

A tester’s guide: How to become a continuous delivery leader – Matthew Heusser

  • Evolution or revolution?
  • Focus on mean time to recovery; isolate deploys
  • Step 1: Measure the deploy chain
  • Step 2: Use techniques to mitigate the risk
  • Step 3: Build a coalition
  • Be prepared for blowback

Enjoy reading and happy testing!

Thao Vo

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