Happy weekend everyone! Here are a few interesting reads to make your weekend better.

Dealing with a Test Automation Bottleneck –  Michael Stahl

  • Invest effort on robust tests
  • Be aware of the long test, try to optimize execution time
  • Define up front how much test time each test team gets on the system

22 Practical Tips To Test Automation With Selenium WebDriver – Himanshu

7 pitfalls that could ruin your app testing cycle – Julia Pottinger

  1. Testing without understanding requirements
  2. Not time-boxing exploratory testing
  3. Not prioritizing test cases
  4. Testing only after you have deployed the code
  5. Not reporting defects correctly
  6. Failure to implement traceability across the project lifecycle
  7. Not performing root-cause analysis

Test Everywhere: A Journey into DevOps and Continuous Testing – Anastasios Daskalopoulos

  • Planning for Quality
  • Unit and Integration Tests
  • Functional Tests
  • Regression Test Suite
  • The Changing Face of QA

Continuous Testing in DevOps: A gamification approach – Jorge Luis Castro Toribio

  • Test automation challenges at scale
  • A new experiment
  • Thinking outside the box

Enjoy reading and happy testing!

Thao Vo

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