Happy weekend everyone! Here are a few interesting reads to make your weekend better.

The importance of performance testing machine learning models – Paul Bruce

  • Understanding the Cost of Refactoring a Machine Learning Model
  • Avoid Performance Testing Machine Learning Models at Your Own Risk

AI Test Challenge Follow Up – Jeff Nymann

  • Was the challenge unfair?
  • AI technocracy
  • What is post-modern testing?
  • So was the challenge unfair?
  • Promote accurately; evangelize responsibly
  • AI: steadily reducing testing?
  • What is this test AI we speak of?

Dealing with a Test Manager’s Most Annoying Problems – László Szegedi

  • Just test the main functions
  • Move it from legacy to new
  • It was working on local
  • Have the new test team ready in a month
  • The test environment will be perfect
  • There’s no need for a test management tool
  • I didn’t have time to read the test report
  • These requirements are too complex
  • Just automate all the tests

4 tips to tackle common microservices testing problems – Matt Heusser

  • Focus on service glossaries and versioning
  • Pursue faster rollouts
  • Use tracer bullets
  • Create mocks and stubs

Begin With the End in Mind – Antti Niittyviita

Antti said that “We worked hard to produce all that the business demanded from us. The only problem was that the goal was the wrong one.”

Enjoy reading and happy testing!

Thao Vo

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